Who is the next big leader of Tamilnadu?

Chennai: The demise of Jayalalithaa marked the end of politics driven by personality.

And with the passing away of Karunanidhi recently, full-stop has been put to the era of politics based on oratorical and written skills.

The new-age voter expects something different from her/his leader. S/he wants someone who is active, adroit, approachable and affable to lead the State.

Parthiban, a political science student, says, “There is a huge vacuum in Tamilnadu for a leader and I don’t think anyone in the present set will be able to fill it. TTV Dhinakaran appears to be smart and friendly, but he is facing serious charges. Rajinikanth is yet to launch his party, so it is too early to comment about him. We need a leader who could understand the aspirations of the youth and find real solutions to the problems faced by Tamilnadu.”

Aakash, an engineering student, has this to say: “Unemployment is on a high in Tamilnadu and those at the helm of affairs are certainly to be blamed for this pathetic situation. When my friends in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana talk about the governments in their States, which are super-active in attracting investments and implementing projects, I really envy them and feel bad for Tamilnadu.”

So what kind of leader he is looking for? “I want the State to be led by someone who is proactive and practical. When the basic infrastructure itself is in doldrums, we don’t want hi-fi projects. Simple yet strong solutions are the need of the hour.”

Ramya, who studies commerce, says, “I would love a woman leader, who will be a modern version of Jayalalithaa. Is there anyone? I don’t think so.”

S Ravithej, a professor in human science and management, says, “Today’s youngsters are informative and intelligent. At the same time, they are often misguided by the flow of information they come across on social media. True, they are looking for a honest and friendly leader. Only time can tell the answer to them. But Tamilnadu is known for accidental leaders who made it big later. No one expected Karunanidhi would head the DMK after Anna. And Jayalalithaa’s entry and rise in politics too was a sudden one.”

Is there a leader today who can guide the State to greater glories? Tamilnadu is waiting.

M Bhaskar Sai