Chennaiites extends support to Keralalites

Chennai: Kerala has been in the news for more than a week now as the neighbouring State has been ravaged by torrential rains and subsequent floods.

Hundreds have lost their lives and more than 2.2 lakh people are in relief camps. Although people of Kerala have lost their homes, belongings, etc, hope was not lost because the whole nation has come together to help people in need.

For their part, Ambattur residents in the city too have been providing things they can to NGOs that are collecting relief materials and funds to take to Kerala.

Speaking about it, a resident named Janardhanan, said,”It has been a hard time for people in Kerala. We can understand how difficult it is for them because it has not even been three years since we faced floods ourselves. The Chief Minister of Kerala has called out for help and so residents have come out to contribute. I have given new blankets and clothes on my behalf.”

Organisations like WeCanDo group, Will Power Trust, Urithikol NGO, Provoke Trust, and Pasumai Tamilnadu have been working for the same. A van carrying all the goodies left for Kerala on Saturday.

Further, a movement has also been started on social media to help people there and #UnitedHands4Kerala is one such movement.

Residents have come out thick and fast to lend their hand for the cause, said a volunteer.

He added that trained first-aid responders are also travelling to Kerala to use their skills in saving people and animals.

Praveen Kumar S