Highways makes pedestrians happy at Vijaya Nagar-Tansi Nagar flyover

Chennai: The strong demand by residents for an opening under the Vijaya Nagar-Tansi Nagar flyover, Velacheri did not go in vain as the Highways Department gave its nod for building a pedestrian pathway.

Speaking to News Today, Tansi Nagar Residents Welfare Association secretary M Balakrishnan, said, “Last November, a group of shop owners came to me with a petition saying that the ongoing flyover project from Vijaya Nagar to Tansi Nagar was affecting their business. Customers found it hard to take a ‘U’ turn to reach the shops. Apart from this, access to hospitals, banks and even schools became difficult.”’

With no access to cross the road, school students in this locality were the most affected; they had to walk the length of the flyover, cross the road and walk back a long distance to reach the school.

It was said, as there was already a ‘U’ turn at the Vijaya Nagar bus stop, the Highways Department had earlier declined the idea of setting up one more there, citing accidents as the reason.

“As the traffic police too must give permission for this issue, we took the petition to Swamy Nathan, Deputy Commissioner for Traffic, South, and explained the situation to him. We also approached Member of Parliament J Jayavardhan,” said Balakrishnan.

Swamy Nathan visited the spot for verification and agreed to make a representation to the City Police Commissioner. The efforts of the residents paid off as both Jayavardhan and the Traffic department asked the Highways Department to make a small gap for pedestrians to cross over.

“A 1.5-meter opening has been made at the LIC Colony – Varadharajapuram junction for pedestrians,” said Balakrishnan, adding that once the flyover project is completed and the roads re-laid, a zebra crossing would be put up.

Naomi N