Election Commission of India holds all-party meeting

Chennai: An all-party meeting, convened by the Election Commission of India ahead of the 2019 general elections is under way right now in Delhi.

Among the parties from Tamilnadu, the AIADMK is represented by Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker S Thamibudrai and Dalavai Sundaram, while DMK spokesperson T K S Elangovan is representing the party.

Representatives of seven national parties and 51 regional parties are taking part in the meeting.

The Congress has put forth its plea that ECI should bring back paper ballots for the upcoming general elections and elections to States like Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

The Congress  and other Opposition parties have been pressing for doing way with the electronic voting machines (EVMs) claiming that they lead to malpractices. They also put for the argument that leading democracies of the world still use paper ballots.

The all-party meeting is expected to take up various issues related to holding the upcoming elections, including use of EVMs, ceiling on candidates spend, voters list and model code of conduct.

NT Bureau