A new me is born: Stalin on becoming party president

Chennai: During his acceptance address after being elected as the president, Stalin began his speech with his father’s trademark line “En uyirinum melana anbu Udanpirapugaley.”

“I feel more proud to call myself as Karunanidhi’s follower than his son. This day a new me is born and you will all see a different me from today. This will be a new beginning for all of us. We will treat everyone as our brothers and sisters. We are not against God, though we will not follow such practices, we will respect the feelings of others,” he said.

Making himself very clear about the relationship with BJP, he said, “We will all join hands to teach a lesson to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government and will work to remove this state government.”

He added that everyone in the party is same to the party leadership.
“I am also a cadre just like all of you. I assure you that the leadership will reflect the feelings of the cadres. Come let us all travel together,” he added.

Balasubramani Muniyandi