Congrats & careful

M K Stalin, hitherto working president of the DMK, is the president of the party from today, as he has been elected unopposed to the top post of one of the largest political organisations in these parts, founded by C N Annadurai and nurtured by M Karunanidhi. Stalin has long been the ‘prince in waiting’ and the crown and the throne are finally his now. From a primary member of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam from his young days, Stalin has become its supremo only in his sixties and that, too, only after a long journey in various posts and positions.

While this is a deserved coronation for Stalin, we believe he is aware of his new responsibilities also. His hands may be freed, but his steps will be measured from now on by not just those in the party, but by critics, rivals and the public. Hence, he should be careful in each and every action.

Politics has changed a lot and it is time Stalin updated and upgraded himself, like how his father had been doing till his last years. The DMK has been out of power with back-to-back defeats in elections and it is the responsibility of Stalin to bring the party back to power, something which would recharge the workers and pave the way for a bright future for the organisation. No doubt, Stalin is a hard worker. But a lot of smart work is what is expected of him.

NT Bureau