TN govt orders pillion riders to wear helmet

Chennai: Complying with a Madras High Court directive, the Tamilnadu government yesterday said pillion riders of two wheelers should also wear a helmet, as mandated in the Motor Vehicles Act.

“The rider and pillion must wear helmets compulsorily, failure of which would attract a penalty under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988,” an official release said.

The government said 38,491 accidents were reported till July this year, of which 15,601 involved two two-wheeler riders alone.

A total of 7,526 people died in the mishaps, of which 2,476 were two wheeler riders. Of this number, 1,811 did not wear helmets, it said.

On 21 August, the court had sought to know why the compulsory helmet rule for pillion riders and seat belt for occupants of car were not enforced effectively and directed police to file a report on steps taken so far to implement it.

It gave the directive during hearing of a petition seeking a direction to police to ensure that helmet is worn by both rider and pillion as mandated in the Motor Vehicles Act.