Rajni’s 36-page book speaks of do’s and don’ts for cadres

Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth seems to have inched a step closer towards forming his own political party.

A 36-page ‘rule book’ was brought out by him for his political organisation Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), in which he elucidates stringent guidelines for those who want to be a part of his movement.

This has surprised many political observers and enthused his fans, and is an indicator towards his mission.

Sources close to RMM said that the rules have been chalked out with the aim of taking forward a style of politics which is honest and transparent, without caste and religious barriers.

Started as a fan club, RMM has gathered traction ever since Rajini announced his interest in active politics in December 2017. Membership drives were conducted and office-bearers were appointed and various wings including women, farmers, fishermen and medicos were formed.

Speaking to ‘News Today,’ Raveendran, a political analyst, said, “It is well thought and neatly planned guide book. For those who have been asking him what his policies and principles are, there are plenty of answers in it.”

The rule book though predominantly addressed to his organisation speaks about women empowerment in administration, inter-linking of rivers, need to create a casteless society among others, he added.

The highlight is that it carries a set of guidelines on how to handle social media, speaks about organisational structure, duties of members besides holding meetings, says Raveendran.

Speaking about the rule book, Nalayani, a member of RMM women’s wing, said, “His vision for farmers in particular is good. Increasing ground water level, promotion traditional methods of irrigation, rain water harvesting and inter-linking of rivers should go down well with people. As a woman, I am happy to see that he has stressed for equal representation to opposite sex in all levels of administration.”

After Rajini’s statement recently that he would try to promote “spiritual politics,” he faced a lot of criticisms.

There were even reports in a section of media that he would toe the line of the BJP. But one of the rules in his book states that there is no entry to anyone who belongs to caste-based or religious outfits.

It said that anyone above 18 years may join the RMM, provided they are not affiliated to any religious or caste-related outfits.

Outlining the rules for the use of the outfitÂ’s flag, the book said that the flag should only be made of cloth and may not be permanently affixed to membersÂ’ vehicles.

However, the flags may be attached to vehicles during rallies and meetings and must be removed soon afterwards.

As for meetings, the rule book stipulated that no meeting be held without permission from local body authorities and police. It also prohibited the use of garlands, shawls, gifts and bouquets during meetings.

Asked if Rajini is sounding dictatorial, Aruldoss, a member of RMM, said, “Certainly not. When you plan to achieve big as a unit, there needs to be discipline. Unless we have a strong leader who guides us well, we cannot stand united.”

He said, “The guidelines have also made it clear that posts within the fan club would be awarded to only one member of a family.”

The rule book not just received bouquets but also brickbats. A section say that Rajini is yet to form a political party, and he is not clear about his next course of action.

“He is still into acting. I consider this a mere eyewash to make sure his movies run well especially after ‘Kaala’ failed miserably.”