Bigg Boss 2 Tamil: Pleasant shocks during house visits

Sendrayan and his wife.

As we all know, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil contestant’s families are visiting them to show their love and affection towards them. Today’s show will have more expectations among the audience.

Because, the remaining contestants – Balaji, Sendrayan and Vijayalakshmi’s parents are yet to visit the house.

Nithya meeting Balaji.

Amidst this, the trailer of the show featured Nithya visiting the house. She is also seen talking with Balaji, saying she misses him. She also seems to believe that her husband is changing for good . We hope this will bring about  a turning point in their life.

Also, a huge happy news awaits contestant, Sendrayan. Yes. His wife is pregnant now. The footage shows the contestants doing baby shower (valakappu) ceremony for his wife. More twists and turns are awaited in today’s episode. Do not miss; stay tuned for more updates.

P T Usha