Pregnant mom on pole even before 2 hours of contraction

A mum ignored her family’s advice to stop pole dancing while pregnant and was even on the pole hours before her contractions began. Christina Spirig, a pole dancing instructor from Switzerland, continued her sport up until her last trimester.

The 31-year-old even claims pole dancing helped her recover quicker from her difficult labour.

Christina, who already has an eight-year-old son, continued pole dancing throughout her pregnancy despite her family’s fears.

She said, “Some people were worried that I would fall, or I was putting my baby in an unnecessary risk, especially my close friends and my family. Other people gave me lots of compliments about the videos on Instagram and other pregnant pole dancers asked me for advice on certain tricks. My baby was always sleeping when I was dancing so it was never seemed distressed.”

She revealed she was on the pole just two hours before her contractions began, and was back pole dancing just seven weeks after she gave birth in June. Christina, who owns Poledance Luzern, explained she took up the sport after the birth of her first child.

She said, “You can get fit, muscular, flexible and balanced while doing it. It’s the combination of strength, flexibility, art and dance that make it such a forever passion.”

But she admitted there are risks involved with pole dancing while heavily pregnant.

The mum-of-two said, “From the beginning of my fifth month of pregnancy, when my belly really started to grow, I eliminated every trick that touched the pole with the belly and all the drops and flips. It’s important to make a smooth landing and to avoid hitting anything. It can be dangerous if you fall from the pole or if you crash into it with your belly. I also was inverting with more speed than just the strength it takes so that my abs could separate healthily – to give the uterus enough space. It’s important to have a good body balance and to know what your body is capable of.”