Tears of happiness shed at Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house

Aishwarya’s mom asking for forgiveness for her daughter.

It must be said this week’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil episode broke the common myth about cinema stars among the general public. Yes, they too have feelings and they also long for love and affection. Combining all these, this week’s show was full of emotions in the house.


This time, the contestants were told ‘Freeze Task’. The housemates, should follow commands like ‘freeze’, ‘rewind’, ‘loop’ and ‘slow-motion’, given by Bigg Boss. Parallely, the contestant’s family members will also make a visit to the Bigg Boss house. Since they had spent more than 70 days without seeing their families, this task was a treat to the participants.

Mumtaz crying at the sight of her mother.


It was a normal day and everyone was chatting in the house when they got the command – ‘Freeze’ – from Bigg Boss. Without anyone’s expectation, the gate opened and Mumtaz’s family came in. Though the contestants cannot move, as they are under the task, Mumtaz’s mom hugged Mumtaz tightly and cried saying that she misses her a lot. Her brother and his son also came in. All three of them, brimming with affection, hugged her with love. After the command, ‘Release’ from Bigg Boss, everyone ran to Mumtaz’s mother to get her blessing. She also advised the contestants to play well.


It was a cool meet for Janani and her family during this task. Though the contestant’s father could not make it to the house, her mom and sister came to see her. At first she hugged her sister and cried. But then it was so cool. Janani’s mom shared how all she used to watch the show and how it was fun to watch everyone on screen. She also advised her daughter to talk with everyone. Definitely, Janani and her sister showed us the sister goals.


Contestant Yashika’s family visit also was a cool one. Her parents, for some reasons, were not able to come. Instead, the housemate’s sister and brother came all the way from Delhi to see her. At first, the house door was locked, when Yashika saw her siblings wait outside. She cried and pleaded with Bigg Boss to open the door. She badly wanted to hug them. As soon as the doors opened, she rushed into their arms with love.

Balaji consoling Aishwarya’s mom.


Aishwarya mom’s visit was a surprise for her. Just before the visit, Aishwarya’s mom’s voice was played in the house by Bigg Boss. In the recorded voice, she told her daughter that she cannot come as she was not well. She also advised her daughter to behave properly and not get emotional. But, hearing her voice, Aishwarya turned emotional as she could not digest the fact that her mom was not coming. To her surprise, after sometime, the contestant’s mom did come. Seeing her, Aishwarya ran to hug her and cried loudly. Soon after this, her mom went to all the other contestants, particularly, Mumtaz and Balaji, and asked them to forgive her daughter for her violent behaviour during her task.

Aishwarya giving her mother a bear hug.


The visit by Daniel’s girlfriend was totally romantic. Daniel’s mom and his girl friend visited the house, when everyone else was made to freeze. His girlfriend,  hugged and kissed him with love. The couple did not separate for even a single second. She also informed Daniel about their wedding. Talks about their marriage seemed to be on. With a playful attitude, his girlfriend explained how much she missed him.


Ritvika’s dad and mom visited the house and poured their love on their daughter. Named as one of the contestants playing fair, Rithvika’s parents felt proud about her and asked her to continue to play in the same way.


However, the families of contestants Balaji, Sendrayan and Vijayalakshmi are yet to come. Everyone is now looking forward to Nithya and Poshika to turn up to see Balaji, who is longing for their love. Will she come? Will there be any chance of a re-union? Let’s wait and watch.

P T Usha