Iron barricades on Chennai flyover delight commuters

Chennai: In what has come as a relief to motorists who are commuting on Rangarajapuram flyover in the locality of Kodambakkam, barricades have been put up here recently.

Being in close proximity to the Kodambakkam railway station, it may be noted that the Y-shaped facility has until now been a cause of concern to many.

“I travel everyday from my office at Guindy to my home near the railway station. During the peak hours in the evening, it used to be a nightmare to travel as vehicles sped past while coming in from Nungambakkam and Kodambakkam. Apart from that, certain riders would try to go to the railway station in the wrong route, which is not only a punishable offence but it is also dangerous to the one coming in the opposite direction,” says Subathra, a resident.

Fixing the iron barricades have brought praise from people, who say that accidents have now reduced, with commuters travelling in the proper route to get to their destinations.

“The best part is that you cannot move the barricades. Earlier, people used to jump the line, sending the motorist behind panicking,” says Vignesh, a college student.

“The said flyover is close to the station. In order to catch the train, many can be seen riding on the right side of the bridge, which directly leads to the entrance of the railway station, but that is not possible now, due to the barricades. Either they have to go the left side and make a roundabout or avoid the bridge and come in another route. I hope the commuters would adhere to these rules and not create any trouble,” says Latha, an office-goer.

NT Bureau