Lack of proper SWDs in Chennai suburb worries many

Chennai: “2015 versus 2018, nothing has changed,” remarks Santhanam, president, New Colony Residents’ Welfare Association.

Several localities in-and-around Chrompet in the city suburban area were inundated during the 2015 floods, primarily due to the improper sewage and storm water drain connections, it is said.

To set the pitfalls straight, the Highways Department constructed drains in 2017.

However, residents are now alleging that the purpose is not served owing to poor maintenance.

According to Santhanam,”The monsoon has not even set in completely, yet we see water logging all over the streets. Poor road conditions add on to the existing complication, leaving the residents in lurch.”

Since the roads are being dug often, it is claimed that the workers fail to dispose the sand particles which, during the rains, gets accumulated near the drain and block the opening, enabling water to freely flow on the main roads.

In addition to this, the absence of enough pockets for draining purposes, makes matters worse.

Among the affected areas in Chrompet, BBR Nagar is seen to be dotted with numerous potholes and battered roads.”It has to be noted that it is a bus route road (BRR) and a residential area. If left unattended, the bus may meet with an accident,” he warns.

Following this, Santhanam has filed a complaint with the Highways department and hopes to see the work done soon.

Bhavani Prabhakar