Two Siddhars attained samadhi at Mylapore temple

Chennai: In the busy locality of Mylapore is located a Siddha temple near Chithra Kulam called the Sree Kuzhandaivel Swamigal, Sree Muthiah Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Nilai Siddhar Peedam.

Muthiah Swamigal and Kuzhandaivel Swamigal were saints who lived in the place 300 years ago where the temple is currently located.

They attained jeeva samadhi in the same place and above that a Shiva Lingam has been consecrated and has been worshipped since.

“‘They were brothers but Muthiah Swamy was the disciple of Kuzhandaivel Swamy. On the 3th day of the month of Chithirai, during Poosa natchathiram, Kuzhandaivel Swamy attained jeeva samadhi. During the following Poosam, Muthiah Swamy too attained jeeva samadhi. According to their wish, a Shivalinga has been consecrated above the place where Kuzhandaivel Swamy attained jeeva samadhi and the Nandhi has been placed atop Muthiah Swamy’s samadhi,” says Vasanthi, whose family has been looking after the temple for five generations.

Apart from the main Shiva sanctum on the left side, there is a Vinayaka idol and Murugan Idol.

“The last temple kumbabhishekam took place in 1997. Since it has been 21 years since then, we are planning to do one again soon,” said Vasanthi.

However, she said the entire history about the two saints was not known fully. “We know that Kuzhandaivel Swamy has been a guru to a lot of saints like Chidambara Periya Swamigal. He is believed to be the adhinam of Thirumailai Sivan Peedam and is said to have helped spread Shaivism. Apart from that there is no history about him. Some of the senior citizens who know about them are writing a book and it will be launched within a month and more people would come to know about Kuzhandaivel and Mithiah Swamigal,” she said.

Every year, during the month of Chithirai, special guru pooja is performed. Every month, special poojas are performed during Poosa natchathram, Amavasai, Pournami, Krithigai and on all Thursdays.

“A lot of people visit the temple every day. Most use this space to sit and meditate and claim they feel at peace,” said Vasanthi.

Everyday abhishekams are performed and prasadam distributed. Every Thursday, annadhanam is provided. During Poosam and Pournami, annadhanam is provided to 400 people.

The temple is open from 7 am to 12 noon and from 5 to 9 in the evening.

Aaditya Anand M