Young girl in suburb creates awareness on blood donation

Chennai: Consistent awareness campaigns on the importance of blood donation seem to be paying off in the suburban area of Chrompet.

For, residents are increasingly coming forward to take part in the noble cause of saving lives.

Meet Shriya L S, a resident of Hasthinapuram, who has been with the Crescent Blood Donors (CBD), since its inception.

“It was when the staffs and students of her institute B S Abdur Rahman College, were pondering how to bring in the service component into our clubs, CBD was formed,” recalls the 22-year-old.

Speaking of what drove her to join the same, she says,”My father had the rarest blood group O negative. Yet, he had the habit of donating once every six months. Due to a strange malady, I lost him. But it was his attitude of involving in service knowing that he has got a rare type, that inspired me to do my bit to the society.”

“It was only with the motive to save lives, did I register with CBD. But sadly, due to lack of hemoglobin cells, I myself have not got a chance to donate. So I am into the blood coordination team,” she adds.

As a coordinator, Shriya has conducted several campaigns to encourage students of her college to donate.

She was also given the responsibility of managing blood requests and help patients meet their needs.

“In the beginning, we had a huge database as we were under the impression that there were a lot of students who were willing to be a part of the cause. In reality, it was only a handful who turned up during emergency situations. There were times when I felt dejected on learning people’s unwillingness to care. So I had to coordinate with blood banks in the city and ensure that the need is fulfilled,” continues Shriya, who now works with an MNC.Being with the team for four years, she sees people hesitant to donate even within their families, as they are holding onto myths and misconceptions.

She can be contacted at [email protected]


Myth: Age is a hindrance to donate blood.

Fact: Anyone ageing from 17 to 60 who is fit and healthy can donate

Myth: HIV or other communicable diseases can be contracted by donating blood.

Fact: Every government-authorised centre follows clear procedure while taking blood. Sterile needle is discarded after single use which limits the chance of infection.

Bhavani Prabhakar