CCTV cameras help reduce crimes in Chennai, say police

Chennai: In a move to bring down crime, City Police Commissioner A K Vishwanathan has ordered Sub Inspectors of Police to instal CCTV units at several strategic spots across Mylapore in the city within a month. It is a part of a move that involves to bring the entire city of Chennai under constant CCTV surveillance.

Speaking to ‘News Today’, Sub Inspector of Police Mylapore, Velmurugan said,”We have started installing the CCTV cameras from junctions and at places where traffic is high. It will be easy for us to spot offenders with those cameras.”

He also mentioned that the Mylapore police have finished installing fifty percent of cameras. Velmurugan added that deploying police officers to every streets in the locality will be difficult due to shortage of man power but installation of the cameras will instead act as a third eye for them. “These cameras will create a sense of fear among the offenders and that in itself reduces the chances of crime happening here,” he said.

The police are also conducting campaigns and drives to create awareness among the residents to put up CCTVs in their home. “They have welcomed the move with open arms and are consistently supporting us,” said Velmurugan. “Several residents have also taken the initiative to instal cameras at places close to their homes.”

He added that as fifty percent of the cameras have already been installed around the area, the rate of crimes have dropped down.

“Reports of theft from residents have come down,”said Velmurugan. “Once we install them completely, the number of crime will reduce further.”

Some of the places that have come under the CCTV scanner includes the Luz corner junction. “This junction has several building around it and we have installed cameras to monitor the crowd,” said Velumuragn. “Places like this have high traffic and people move here a lot. We have started by covering such spots and then install cameras at residential streets and lanes of the locality.”

NT Bureau