Handmade dolls expo by Sanskruthi in Chennai

Chennai: An exclusive dolls exhibition is to be held by Sanskruthi Doll Makers and Crafts Association on 8 and 9 September at Maharashtra Nivas, TTK Road, Alwarpet in the city.

Sanskruthi Doll Makers and Crafters Association is a non profit organisation. It has over 70 members hailing from different parts of India.

It was established for the development and promotion of various kinds of doll making in particular and all kinds of crafts in general.

The association works towards the empowerment of women by teaching them the art of doll making and other crafts, thereby giving them an opportunity to make and sell handcrafted products.

The exhibition is being held to encourage the skills and talents of its association members.

This event will open up avenues to the members who are from the middle and lower middle class income group in the form of sales, orders, enquires for conducting classes etc.

This event is going to help many women entrepreneurs to sell their products, and open up new avenues for them in their business.

The dolls made here depict the rich Indian culture. Sanskruthi strive towards preserving the Indian traditions and culture.

They are also having plans to use dolls as a means of educating the children about the history of India and also the traditions and culture of India by conducting exhibitions at primary schools.

They are conducting workshops at different NGOs, villages and for women from the underprivileged group so that they learn arts to earn for their livelihood.

For details contact Secretary Roopa Sanjay, 98408 32661.

NT Bureau