Shenoy Nagar Metro station’s roof slate falls on woman passenger

Chennai: In a shocking incident in the short history of Chennai Metro Rail Ltd (CMRL), a roof slate of Shenoy Nagar Metro station fell on a woman passenger, grievously injuring her.

However, CMRL officials claimed it was a minor injury and first-aid was administered to the woman, following which she went home.

Passengers opined that the incident took place due to hasty completion of the work at Metro station. CMRL officials, on their part, have initiated a probe into the issue.

Speaking to News Today, a CMRL spokesperson said, “If the mistake was on our part, adequate action will be taken against the person.”

One of the regular commuters at Shenoy Nagar Metro station, A Kalpana, said, “This was quite expected as there are many flaws in the construction of the station. There are four entrances in the station but only the main one is open and others remain closed. Also, construction process at many places in the station are yet to be completed. If the station is functioning on one side and construction is going on on the other, how safe will it be?”

It is to be noted that Shenoy Nagar Metro station is the first all-woman station fully maintained and administered by women. “It’s sad to note that a woman has faced an accident in an all-woman station. Hope officials sort out all the construction flaws in the station so that it’s a safer place for passengers,” Kalpana added.

Just a few days ago, CMRL revealed its big plans for Shenoy Nagar Metro station and Thiru Vi Ka Park. It has proposed to develop a host of amenities there. As a first step, an underground commuter amenities centre on either side of the existing Shenoy Nagar Metro station will be coming up in basement one and two.

Then the park will be re-developed through proper planning of different spaces, zones and activities on the street. Most of the existing trees would be preserved, restored and transplanted in the park at appropriate locations.

S Ben Raja