Parakram Parv celebrated to showcase army’s valour: Sitharaman

Bengaluru: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Sunday Parakram Parv was not a matter of being ashamed of but a ‘festival’ that showcases India’s determination and the valour of its soldiers.

Parakram Parv was celebrated Saturday to mark the second anniversary of the surgical strike. On 29 September 2016, the Indian Army carried out surgical strikes on seven terrorist launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as a response to an attack on its base in Uri earlier that month.

The defence minister said, “As the terror attack happened inside the base on unarmed soldiers, it was necessary for the army to launch a surgical strike at the enemy in its territory.” “Parakaram Parv is a festival to showcase India’s determination that it would not take attacks on its unarmed soldiers on its own soil lying down,” Sitharaman told reporters here.

“If anyone raises questions about the celebration, I would ask if it was something to be ashamed of,” she asked. Sitharaman denied that the government was politicising the surgical strike and said the festival showed that it is unacceptable for India to remain silent over the blatant cowardly act of a neighbouring country.

It was necessary for the Army to target the terrorist launch pads of the enemy in their territory, she said. “Though there have been quite a few infiltrations over the past few years and actions were taken to eliminate the intruders, it was a call of the Army with political backing to strike at the terrorist launch pads of our enemies,” the minister said.

She also said no talks would take place with Pakistan unless terrorism is rooted out from the neighbouring country and India is strongly responding to every ceasefire violations.

“There will not be any talks with Pakistan as long as terrorism continues from their soil. At the same time, if ceasefire violations are taking place, we are responding to every violation and with it we are pushing them back,” the defence minister said.