Commuters rue over battered road in Chennai

Chennai: Motorists are having a tough time crossing the Adyar signal at Kasturibai Nagar to Madhya Kailash in the city during peak hours, due to the poor state of the road.

This, coupled with problems related to illegal parking and encroachments, is inconveniencing commuters big time.

With a number of commercial buildings on the rise, motorists and pedestrians using the Service Road too here are facing difficulties, it is said.

Palani, who works at a shop here says,“From 5.30 to 7.30 pm, it is hectic here. People cannot walk through the stretch easily. Vehicles cover every inch of the road.”

He also says that things get out of hand if there is a convoy headed to Raj Bhavan. “There are days when vehicles have used both ways of the road and created utter chaos,” he adds.

The entire stretch is filled potholes and piles of garbage.

“If laid properly, it would be convenient for motorists. Plying on a battered road during rains is not easy,” he rues.

People here also lament the fact that a well-laid and broad pedestrian path is being used up as a parking space by commercial buildings, with barricades and ropes used to stop people from using the same. K R Shekar who takes the road every day, wrote to News Today.

“Members of the public are facing a tough time negotiating with vehicular movement here. There are several four and two-wheelers plying at any given point, even as the entire stretch is filled with potholes,” he said.

Residents now seek a re-lay of the road at the earliest.

Naomi N