Devotees throng Kapali temple for Pournami Valam

Chennai: Hands down, all will agree that one of the iconic temples of Mylapore in the city is the Kapaleeshwarar.

Known for its vibrant history and grand architecture, the temple is a testament of our rich cultural heritage.

Throughout the year, the temple witnesses dozens of festivals and grand poojas. Recently, 67th month Mylai Kaylai Pournami Bakthi Valam was organised at the temple which attracted a large crowd of devotees. Mylapore MLA Natraj also took part in the procession.

Speaking to News Today, one of the organising member M Radhakrishnan narrated how it began. “In 2013, a few devotees of the Kapaleeshwarar temple joined together with an idea to revive Pournami Bakthi Valam,” he says.

“It has been 67 months since it began. Many have been taking part in this procession for the past many weeks.”

He added that those who take part in this auspicious gathering feel a positive vibe. “There is a strong sense of unity among everyone. Nearly two thousand devotees take part in such poojas.,” says Radhakrishnan.

The member explains how a normal procession of the pournami pooja takes place. “Every pournami around 6.45 in the evening, at the Kaplaleeshwarar temple from the Vinayagar and Annamalai Sannidhi devotees start chanting the Veda Parayanam, bhajans and recite the sacred names of Lord Annamalaiyar,” says Radhakrishnan.

“There is a procession of the Utsavar within the temple premises and through all the four mada veedhis. The deity is then brought back to the Sannidhi.”

He added that following this, the devotees start distributing prasadam to each other and that it is a heartwarming moment to see.

“As we do it together, there is a sense of spirituality and also social unity among every devotee who does it together,” he says. “Many families like to come here. Even the old take part in the procession.”

Radhakrishnan also says that some devotees are part of a WhatsApp group where they stay updated and share about the forthcoming poojas.

“Recently we collected money for the Kerala flood victims,” he says. “We also clean the temples and some even take the responsibility to keep the surroundings of the temple clean.” He added that some also clean small temples surrounding Kapaleeshwarar.

It is said that during every pournami day, Siddha Purushas are said to bathe in the holy pool of Lord Kabaleeshwarar temple, have a darshan of Shri Karpagambal Samedha Shri Kapaleeshwarar and go around the four madas as told in Agasthya Jothidam.

Mayilai Kayilai Somavara Pradhakshina takes place every Monday at 7 pm. The procession starts from the East gate of Kapaleeshwarar temple.

Mohammed Rayaan