Metrowater complains against EB cables in Chennai

Chennai: In a rare development, Metrowater has lodged a complaint with the police through the WhatsApp (R7 K K Nagar PS Citizens) against Tangedco contractors for laying cable inside the Metrowater drainage system on Munusamy Salai, K K Nagar, in the city without seeking permission.

Speaking to News Today, Metrowater Deputy Area Engineer Vishnu said,”The workers involved in the work have broken the manhole and are laying the line on the drainage system. We asked them to stop the work, but they did not listen to us. Following this, we lodged a complaint with the police.”

Earlier, a pipeline was damaged by the workers. “We raised the issue with Tangedco. After a joint inspection, the problem was rectified. But in the case of the manhole, the contractors and workers were not ready to listen to us. They do not understand the seriousness of the issue. Sewage pipes and manholes once laid cannot be replaced as it functions on gravity system,” the official said.

When the issue was taken up with a Tangedco official in the area, he said, the works were being carried out by another wing – Chennai Development Circle. “We have no role in it and the issue has to be taken up with them,” he said.

It is said there is no consultation between Metrowater, Tangedco and Corporation while taking up development works in the locality.

“The civic body gives road-cut permission. The workers while laying cables, damage the existing lines. In the end, the residents are the most affected,” an official said.

NT Bureau