Poor drainage facilities in Chennai still continue to wreak havoc

Chennai: “After the floods of 2015, our colony continues to be the worst affected till date, as rain water regularly gets diverted from the highway research station to here. This causes heavy station of water,”complained Sabeena, a resident of South Avenue of Srinagar Colony situated in Saidapet in the city.

“I am a resident here for over three decades. I can say that the said problem has cropped up only after the floods, and is not being attended to by the authorities,”she pointed out.

She also alleged that the civic body has failed to desilt the storm water drain, which is now buried under thick bushes.

Adding to water stagnation, mosquitoes too breed freely in this area, thereby causing health hazards to residents of the colony, she said.

As the monsoon is not far away, authorities should swing into action and remove the bushes first. Then, the drains should be cleaned to facilitate smooth flow of rain water, she concluded.

NT Bureau