Jai’s ‘Jarugandi’ moves ahead

With the recent array of movies getting extensive receptions, producer Nitin Sathyaa of Jai-starrer ‘Jarugandi’ believes his movie hitting screens on 25 October will also be placed in that row.

“More than claiming this to be a self-confidence of a producer, I strongly believe ‘Jarugandi‘ will join the league of contemporary content oriented films league that audiences are rejoicing over. Firstly, I am so happy that the season of good films is getting flourished unconditionally. The way the audience have turned cognizant over celebrating films of unique premises and themes has given me a great trust and hope that ‘Jarugandi‘ is a film custom-made for this season,” says Nitin Sathyaa, who himself is an actor.

On his close pal and actor Jai, an optimistic Sathyaa opines, “Jai will make strides to the stardom through this film. The fact that we happen to be close friends wasn’’t a barricade at any point in this project. In fact, he was more responsible than before and was seen careful throughout to make sure the entire process of shooting goes smoothly. The way he has tried to upgrade himself as the finest actor will be very much evident throughout the movie.”

Nitin Sathyaa is producing ‘Jarugandi‘ for his home banner –Shvedh Group in association with Badri Kasturi.

NT Bureau