TN’s connect with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad

Chennai: Nadia Murad along with Denis Mukwege won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. So much has already been talked and written about Murad and her struggle.

But there is an interesting factor about the Nobel winner which links her to the people of Tamilnadu.

Nadia Murad belongs to the Yezidi group, who reside in the northern side of Iran.

They have a population of about only seven lakh across the world and have been subjected to genocide 73 times in history with the latest being by the suppression by the ISS terrorists who killed the Yezidi men and took the women as sex slaves.

Now that the brief intro is over, we will get into the actual topic of how people of Tamilnadu are related to the Yezidis. The one connecting factor is the God that is worshipped by Yezidis. Their prime God is the Melek Taus or Tawûsê Melek.

The holy symbol of Yezidis

Yezidi people believe that the Almighty/creator of the universe sent seven angels to protect the world and Tawûsê Melek is the chief of them. At one stage Melek Taus gets angry with his creator and leaves him only to rejoin later.

The story rings a bell right? Yes, this closely resembles to the portrayal of Lord Muruga who is created by Lord Shiva and grows along with Karthigai pengal (six in number). At one stage, He fights with His father over a fruit and leaves him only to be reunited later.

The similarity does not end there, Yezidi people worship snake, cock and Kuthuvilakku with peacock which are all associated with Muruga.

Yezidis offering prayer to kuthuvilakku.

Topping all of this is that their prime devotional shrine Lalish is located on a small mountain just like those of the prominent temples of Muruga. Historians date this temple to be be atleast around 4,000 years old.

The ‘Om Saravana Bhava’ which is the pranava mandhiram for Muruga has close resemblance to the six dimensional chakra seen in Lalish temple.

Just like the people in Tamilnadu, the Yezidis also do lamp worship and a prasadham like Viboothi is part of their ritual. Tawûsê Melek means Peacock Angel and these birds are not found in Iran.

These are natives of Tamilnadu and are found only in India. Melek Taus is represented by a peacock standing with its feathers wide open, similar to that of many Murugan idols/paintings.



Yezidis most often are attacked for their religious belief and despite all this they have never given up on Peacock Angel. Though they have four sub castes among themselves and marriages happen only within these castes they do not have any discrimination among themselves. The photo of Nadia Muradh speaking in UN has been placed at the Lalish mountain temple.



Yezidi Baba witnessing abhishekam at Washington Murugan temple.

In 2016, The Baba Sheikh, spiritual leader of the Yezidi community, visited Washington DC seeking support from the US government and ‘from Lord Muruga’ at the Murugan temple of North America. He took part in the Kanda Sashti rituals.




Balasubramani Muniyandi