Arterial stretch in Chennai needs maintenance

Chennai: Residents living in Chokkatan Salai, a street near Nungambakkam Police Station, demand that new roads be laid for the benefit of commuters.

“I am residing in this street from my childhood. I am 20 years now and all these years, this street has been completely neglected by authorities,” said Ashwanth Kumar, a college student.

According to him, there are many potholes in the locality, as a result of which water gets stagnated during rains, causing trouble to motorists.

“Some of the residents here just fill them by putting mud over it,” he adds.

Another resident, K Sivakumar says,”Despite telling the Corporation that we need a new road to be laid, this street continues to be neglected. For decades, we are expecting a re-lay. It is difficult for us during the monsoon season, as the rainwater forms puddles. As a result, riding on the stretch turns to be nightmarish.”

“This is a road which is not used by many because of its condition. Only the residents living on the street use it. It is a mystery as to why this lane is ignored, whereas other streets in the area are getting cleaner and better. The rains have started now and we don’t know how long we have to bear with this issue. I hope the authorities concerned will consider our plight and come up with a quick solution,” adds Ashwanth.

This news report is based on the inputs given by Ashwanth Kumar, a resident of Chokkatan Salai. He is our Journalist of the Week.

Aaditya Anand M