Telangana polls: BJP promises to regulate liquor sale

Hyderabad: The BJP in its manifesto for the 7 December Assembly elections in Telangana, has proposed to regulate the sale of liquor, claiming that its unrestricted availability and consumption was leading to several social and law and order problems in the State.

In the manifesto, which would be formally released soon, the party proposes to restrict the sale of liquor to five days a week.

“Sale of liquor will be regulated to five days only… Every day, timings will be maintained.. After 6 (PM), no wine shop or bar will be open,” BJP’s manifesto committee chairman NVSS Prabhakar told PTI Sunday.

The TRS government in Telangana and the governments in undivided Andhra Pradesh have seen sale of liquor only as a source of income, Prabhakar, who was MLA in the recently dissolved Telangana Legislative Assembly, alleged.

The consumption of liquor is leading to various problems, including atrocities against women, suicides and law and order problems, he claimed.

The manifesto also promises cancellation of surcharge fares by state-run Road Transort Corporation (RTC) buses during fesival seasons and free transportation to those taking up ‘Deeksha‘ (religious code of behaviour) for visiting temples, including Sabarimala, Prabhakar said.

Noting that the state government imposed heavy VAT on petrol and diesel, the manifesto proposes total waiver of the tax on petrol and diesel.

Consequently, the price of fuel per litre may come down by Rs 20, he said. Youth who appear for competitive exams would be provided free online and offline coaching, he said.

Another important promise the provision of safe drinking water for Rs six per month per household. “The provision of such minimum facilities should not be viewed like a profit-loss proposition. They should be seen as a source of income,” Prabhakar said.

The BJP, which had five MLAs in the dissolved (119-member)  Assembly, hopes to substantially increase its strength in the coming polls.