Ex-top cop Thilakavathi lashes out at lyricist Vairamuthu

Chinmayi and Vairamuthu

Chennai: Retired IPS officer G Thilakavathi has come down heavily on lyricist Vairamuthu after several women had narrated their stories of sexual harassment by him on social media under the widespread #MeToo movement.

Thilakavathi spoke to News Today after a short write up in a poetic form began circulating on WhatsApp under her name which condemned Dravidian leaders by digging up their personal lives.

When this paper contacted her to find out if she was the author of the now viral text, she stated that she did not write it but forwarded it on WhatsApp which was further circulated with her name.

But does she endorse it? “Yes I do. But the credits for the write-up must go to someone else. I am not happy that so far no one from any Dravidian party has spoken up against Vairamuthu. Why is he being given this ‘security’ ”?

He is getting political support. People are coming forward to shield him saying he is a Tamil. How long will they protect him saying he is Tamil and Dravidian after he is accused of wrongdoing, she asked.

Retd IPS officer G Thilakavathi

The first woman from Tamilnadu to become an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Thilakavathi extends support to the #MeToo movement

Speaking about how victims have a hard time opening up about harassment and abusive incidents in the first place, she says, “It scars them for life.”

“When I was in service I had seen victims coming before me and finding it difficult to speak about the harrowing ordeal they had been through. They shiver and sometimes faint. I had taken such women to government hospitals. It leaves a mark on their lives. They become scared when they see anything related to the experience like a similar chair or lamp. Some of them experience border line lunacy. They fear stepping out. It even affects other relationships in their lives.”

Talking about those who are questioning the victims for speaking out after years, she said, “These are people who think that the world is just black and white.”

Naomi N