Take #MeToo to court

With lyricist Vairamuthu himself calling out those who had made sexual charges against him to take the legal route and file a complaint, it is time for singer Chinmayi and others to approach the police or the court against the ‘influential men’ who had harassed or attempted to molest them.┬áBecause, the #MeToo allegations are of very serious nature and the men who are facing them are no ordinary persons. If they had committed the sin, they should be given severe punishment. Or, if the charges were made with ulterior motives, as claimed by Vairamuthu, those who are behind this should be brought to light.
True, women victims cannot talk certain things in open and they might find it difficult to go to the police station or the court frequently, especially in these days of hungry cameras of the media waiting for sensational content. But they should realise that they may not find a better opportunity than now to expose these wolves in sheep’s clothing. At the same time, the government or the legal authorities should come forward to provide a safe platform with all privacy to the affected women to air their experiences with the ‘predators’.
People like Chinmayi, who are already spearheading the #MeToo movement, should lead the victims from the front and motivate them to file complaints. For that, they should set an example first by lodging cases against the men who had misbehaved with them. ‘Time is up’, as said by Chinmayi, and things should not remain on social media alone. Law should be allowed to do its duty in this issue and if these women still continue to air their grievances on Twitter/Facebook, officials should take up the investigation suo motu.

NT Bureau