Move over #MeToo, here comes #WeToo

Chennai: Even as the shock created by the allegations made under #MeToo can subside, there are several other hashtags that have been created and trending in the social media.

The latest to join the trend is the #WeToo tag created and used by men to share their experiences of how they were cheated and harassed by women. The tag #WeToomovementformen has also been used for this purpose.

Though many people have been sharing their experiences using the #WeToo tag there are a few who feel that such movements will dilute the actual reason behind the beginning of the #Metoo movement.

Social activist Umesh Subramanian said men always want to steal the limelight whenever women want to convey something. And with all these new tags, the same will happen to the #MeToo as well.

“I am not telling the men not to raise their voice, but I just feel that this is not the right time to do so,” Umesh said.

Similarly, Sri Krishna Ananthan, a techie, has said in his Facebook post: “While I empathise with young boys and men who have been sexually abused. And I agree men are not spared of sexual abuse, it is important that men are not allowed to barge into the space called #Metoo which is exclusive for women to open up. The struggles of being a woman in this society is extreme and cannot be compared with the struggles of men. Why are men craving to be a part of everything that is started by women? Women deserve a safe space for them to voice against these injustices and men cannot occupy that space. Let us leave the women alone at least here. Let them get their much needed relief,” he posted.

There is also another hashtag #iBribedtoo started by Sunil Jayaraman of the activist group Chitlapakkam Rising to bring out corrupt officials to the fore.

“#MeToo is a very good activism to protect our kids and women. The offenders and perverts will think twice before they lay their eyes or hands on children and women. Likewise, #iBribedToo should take shape naming and shaming the corrupt to make way for a clean and rightful society,” he posted in Facebook.

Hashtags such as #NotMe to indicate that they have not harassed anyone too is being used in social media.


I am from villain family: Radha Ravi
Actor Radha Ravi, whose name was found in #MeToo, today reportedly said that people who make such allegations should be distanced from the cine field.
‘I hail from a villain family. People have even forgotten about the shooting of former Chief Minister M G Ramachandran (by his father and actor M R Radha) and all this #MeToo is nothing,’ he said. It may be noted that director Bharathiraja stormed off from a press meet in Sri Lanka yesterday after he was questioned about #MeToo.


Balasubramani Muniyandi