Youth murdered at Mylapore for creating ruckus in wedding

Chennai: A youngster who created ruckus at a wedding function that his photo was not there on a flex erected outside the marriage hall was murdered by a gang of men at Mylapore last night.

Vijay (25), who lived in Nochi Nagar, Mylapore, was unemployed and unmarried. He lived with the support of his mother who ran a small finance business.

Last evening, he came to a community hall at Santhome to attend the wedding reception of his friend Babu Surya.

However he was offended when he saw that his friends did not include his photo on the large flex outside the hall.

He went in the hall where a music troupe was performing light music. He brandished a knife threatening them. His friends scolded him for producing a knife at an auspicious function and brought him out where Vijay began to attack them.

A gang of seven chased him out of the premises using iron rods. The men ran after him till Santhome Signal repeatedly beating him.

Police said he died on the spot. The police arrested Ulakanathan (28) of Kolathur, Ashok (26), Jayakumar (28), Manikandan (25) of Nochi Nagar.

Three others, Madhan, Nagaraj and Sudhakar are missing. Police sent Vijay’s body to Government Kilpauk Hospital for post mortem.

NT Bureau