Qualcomm’s latest tech aimed at gamers

Chip-making giant Qualcomm has come up with a new platform for mid-range mobile phones. The San Diego-headquartered firm that sees the bulk of its profit from patent licensing businesses, has announced that the new hardware will be available soon for users to buy.

Named 675, the platform, according to Qualcomm, is for incoming mid-range phones – or upper mid-range mobiles, to be exact. In 2019, the hardware is expected to be present in such mobile phones where the bulk of sales in the mobile industry is present.

With a focus on gaming, Qualcomm says the new hardware should enable mobile games to launch around 30 per cent faster and run at speed frame rates with prioritised connectivity and punchier audio.

In fact, Qualcomm enlisted help from game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 as well as developers of titles like Honor of Kings, PUBG and Knives Out to ensure compatibility and work on issues found with its earlier technology.

The move comes after a general rise in gaming phone availability with Honor Play and the new Razor 2 phone to name but two.

But the new 675 hardware is, says Qualcomm, built on two other ‘tenets’ as well as gaming: cameras and AI.

The platform will also support triple camera setups with 5x telephoto, 2.5x wide-angle and super wide-angle lenses. The camera hardware will support up to 480fps slo-mo (at 720p) and portrait mode, too, as well as face unlock on the front cameras.

The face unlock works up to three times faster than the Snapdragon 670 used in some devices from Oppo and Vivo. Quick Charge is also supported.

Snapdragon 675 is also said to be up to 35 per cent faster for web browsing than the predecessor hardware.

NT Bureau