Rajini speaks tough to fans on political discipline

Chennai: Stating that success cannot be achieved in politics with just fan clubs, actor Rajinikanth today said, “We cannot get what we want in politics without the support of general public.”

In a strongly-worded two page statement to his fans, Rajinikanth said, “All disciplinary actions including removing of members from Rajini Makkal Mandram are taken only after my approval.”

The superstar, who is set to convert the mandram into a political party, said, “I am keenly watching all the activities of my RMM members. Your hard work will not go waste. At the same time, we have renamed the fans club as Makkal Mandram to ensure public participation. Anyone who thinks that s/he can achieve political success without the support of general public is insane.”

“Sadly a few of the members have forgotten as to why we have come to politics,” he said and added, “We have to safeguard ourselves from those who have negative and wrong ideas.”

Recalling his words in May last year that there is no place for those who want name, fame and money in Rajini Makkal Mandram, he reiterated that being part of the mandram for over thirty years doesn’t assure you posts. Action is being taken only on those who refuse to share responsibilities and posts with common man.

Stating that his aim is to do politics that is different from the rest, Rajinikanth said, “Our goals and objectives are important. If our thoughts are right then our acts would be right.”

Urging his fans to take care of their family and parents, Rajinikanth said, “Spending money for the activities of mandram without taking care of family is needless. All our works can be achieved without spending from our pocket. I cannot accept when someone comes to us and say that they have spent a huge sum for the mandram.”

Urging fans to stay away from those spreading rumours and gossips about them, he said, “Those spreading wrong informations through media are not our fans.”

NT Bureau