Vetrimaran apologises, agrees to cut a scene from ‘Vada Chennai’

Following a series of allegations against the makers of ‘Vada Chennai‘ for portraying the people of North Chennai badly, the filmmaker Vetrimaran has apologised and has said that the scenes affecting the sentiments of the people will be removed in a period of seven to 10 days.

There is a lovemaking scene between Ameer and Andrea on the moving boat in the movie. A section of fishermen community was upset with the scene as the boat is like a temple for them and such portrayal hurt their sentiments.

Reacting to their request, Vetrimaran has said that he approached CBFC to remove the particular scene because his intention is not to hurt the sentiments of fishermen community.

In a video statement, Vetri said, “The second and third parts of ‘Vada Chennai‘ will talk about the problems of the fishermen and how they are leading their life despite several hurdles. Our intention is not to hurt their sentiments.”

NT Bureau