Santhanam-starrer ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ has sequel

The teaser of Santhanam-starrer Dhillukku Dhuddu-2 will be out 29 October. This sequel of the 2016 horror comedy flick of the same name – Dhillukku Dhuddu – directed by Lollu Sabha fame Rambhala is likely to hit the screens by the end of this year.

The film’s shooting has been wrapped up and the makers are busy with the post-production work.

Santhanam earlier took to Instagram to confirm the news. Similar to the first part, this will also be about a ghost, but there’s more to it than just that, say the makers. The horror sequences will have different dimensions to them, according to them.

The film features Shirtha Sivadas from Kerala playing the female lead role. Others in the star cast include ‘Motta’ Rajendran, Urvashi, Bipin of Jil Jung Juck fame, Ramar and Dhanasekar from Kalakapovathu Yaaru, and a few more familiar artistes.

Santhanam is currently awaiting the release of Server Sundaram.

Rambhala is busy directing a rom-com, titled Daavu, with ‘Kayal’ Chandran and Reba Monica John in the lead.

NT Bureau