Miss these mistakes: Tips to fix 5 common men’s fashion errors

Dear men. Admit it. We expect the sky when our women dress up but care a damn when it comes to our own wardrobe. To the lazy ones out there, here is how you can look your best with even simple clothes just by avoiding these five mistakes while dressing up.


Pockets are convenient carriers for life’s little essentials. But overstuffing your pants or shirts can quickly destroy your look, even if you are ‘James Bond-level’ well dressed. This fashion sin at worst can get mistaken for a bizarre physical abnormality. You don’t want people thinking you have a tumour in your chest, do you?

So, the quick fix for shedding pocket bulk is to simply not carry anything exceeding the thickness of your phone.

Ditch old receipts, expired cards and reduce coins from your bulky wallets. Better yet, swap the wallet for a slimmer, stylish leather card holder.


Baggy pants with too much break do two things- They make you look shorter and appear sloppy. Avoid this! While a full break may be acceptable to some, even that look is outdated today.

Opt for trousers at a length that barely skims the tops of your shoes. Alternatively, have them cuffed or cropped by your tailor – especially if you want to show off your sock collection.


While we agree that wearing a dress shirt buttoned up all the way can look a bit odd without a tie, be mindful when letting loose.

Never unbutton more than two buttons. It looks unprofessional at best, and downright sleazy at worst.



The first things people notice about a man’s appearance is his shoes – and that, unsurprisingly, includes shoelaces. Much like underwear, laces should be replaced at regular intervals – especially when they appear worn, or dirty or have lost their anglet (the metal or plastic casing at the end of the lace). If you don’t trust yourself to stay on top of your strings, opt for laceless footwear like loafers or slip-on sneakers.


This is the ultimate rookie mistake. A shirt that’s too large will make you look fatter, frumpier, and stumpier. Simply put, it’s not a good look. These days, there are a ton of affordable dress shirt options available that satisfy the needs of any man’s body type.

Also, tuck in your shirt in a formal setting. Last and foremost, no matter how much money or time is spent on an outfit, unwanted creases will give the impression you just don’t care. So, buy a steamer and iron your clothes.

A Harsha Vardhan