PMK leader seeks HC’s intervention on property tax hike

Chennai: Condemning the hike in property tax to about 518 per cent, PMK leader Dr Ramadoss today stressed that the Madras High Court warn the Ministers and officials involved in the decision making.

In a release, Ramadoss said, “The government is not maintaining an equilibrium in the tax hike. There are places in Chennai Corporation where the hike is about 518 per cent and 206 per cent. There are also places where the hike is just 12 per cent. What kind of math is this?”

Ramadoss pointed out that the government informed at the High Court that it would soon take a proper action to revise property tax rates that were same for over 20 years since 1998, but it should have been revised for every five years.

“The government as per the court directions announced that 100 per cent hike would be implied on property tax in July 2013. But, it is not happening so.”

Ramadoss has asked that the court should look into this, and take necessary actions on everyone involved in this biased decision.

NT Bureau