Review: Genius-Well begun, half done

Susienthiran’s Genius begins with a sincere intent. It talks about peer pressure, work pressure eventually leading to depression. A much-relevant topic today.

The director has dealt in detail about how a young boy is pressured by his father since his younger days to be school topper and when he grows up made to run around to achieve targets. The man eventually breaks down and falls into depression.

Roshan plays the lead and he manages to bring out the complexity in his character well. As overzealous father Aadukalam Naren delivers it well.

There is Priyaa Lal playing the female lead and she has enough opportunity to prove that she too can emote well. But had Susienthiran added more nuances to both their roles, these two surely would have made it refract on the screen. The chemistry betwen Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematographer Gurudev is the highlight of the movie.

The composition and picturisation of Neengalum Oorum number is quite innovative and enjoyable. Gurudev has some poetic moments to capture as well.

The way Susienthiran has tried to compare half-drowned body in a river and a bathtub could reach the audience just because the cinematographer was able to make it possible.

Though Genius is not in the same league of his earlier ventures like Azhagarsaamyin Kudhirai, Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer, Jeeva and Naan Mahaan Alla, yet his intention is laudable.

Kudos to Susienthiran for keeping the run time of the film less than 100 minutes. An emotional tale which tries to convey a string message to the society should be crisp and clean.

Santhosh Mathevan