Trust in Chennai plans for ‘Tamilnadu 2020’

Chennai: Nallor Vattam that was started in the year 2000, has been working with a mission to create a difference in the locality of Kodambakkam in the city by the year 2020.

Now, the association is working on its dream project ‘Tamilnadu 2020’ in a bid to bring in fresh changes to the State.

Speaking about the forum and its upcoming project, the founder of the group, M A Balasubramani says, “There are several youngsters who are interested in serving the society. Through Nallor Vattam, we decided to bring them together and formed Moondravadhu Sakthi where we meet regularly week to talk about how we can benefit residents. At the first meet, around 100 gathered.

‘We then decided to prepare a list of others in the locality, who are involved in social activities and found more members. We organised a meeting with them in March this year. Again another session would take place on 14 October, and this time, I feel that around 3,000 members might join us,” he adds.

He points out that the meet would discuss the plans on ‘Tamilnadu 2020.’

“By next year, we hope to expand to 5,000 and by 2020 our vision is to have 10,000 people in the team who can work selflessly for the development of the State,” he says.

Some of the plans towards the goal, includes strengthening grama sabhas, encouraging and training school and college students to do social activities.

“Our aim is to identify who has an eye for the society and we give them ‘Manikka Manavar’ award. We need to create student leaders across all age groups,” he states.

When asked how satisfied he is with the progress of ‘Kodambakkam 2020’, he says that the work needs to be fast-tracked.

“There is still lot more to be done in the locality and we are confident of carrying it out before schedule,” says a confident Balasubramanian.

He can be reached at 9791005771.

Aaditya Anand M