Vijay Antony plays tough police officer in ‘Thimiru Pidichavan’

Nivetha Pethuraj, Vijay Antony and director Ganesha at the media conference.

Vijay Antony’s Thimiru Pidichavan is confirmed for release this Deepavali.

Directed by Ganesha, the movie stars Nivetha Pethuraj opposite Vijay Antony. The music composer-actor will be playing a tough police officer in the film.

Speaking at a media meet in Chennai, Vijay Antony said, “It is the wonderful team effort that enabled us to come up with a gripping film. My effort is minimal. Ganesha gave his heart out for the film. Though my last two films did not do well at the box office, I am confident Thimiru Pidichavan¬†will do well.”

“There is no romance in the movie and I assure that I am learning to get my act right in romance now,” he added.

For his part, Ganesha said, “Vijay Antony’s wife Fathima listened to the story for seven hours. She was convinced with it. Vijay Antony made me feel at ease. He gave me all liberties. Though I am a failed director, they said they had faith in me since only those who saw failure can give a hit.”

“I have driven a bullet and a fish cart for Thimiru Pidichavan,” says actress Nivetha Pethuraj

She added, “When Ganesha narrated the story to me, he said I have to drive a bullet. Then he asked me to ride a fish cart the other day for the movie. It was thrilling. I am shown in a totally different way in the movie.”

“Lots of fresh and innovative things were added every day in the movie. I was surprised to see the visuals during dubbing,” she added.

Thimiru Pidichavan will be the most important film in my career, she added.

Besides playing the lead, Vijay Antony has scored music and taken care of editing.