Chennaiite launches book on good handwriting

Chennai: “A good handwriting is a coveted skill”, feels educationist Hema Ravi of Gandhi Nagar, in the city, who has released a book titled -Write Right, to help people ace the art of writing.

Excerpts from her interview:

Why is it important to have a good handwriting?

Good handwriting boosts the self-confidence of young learners. According to handwriting specialists, engaging in doodling, drawing and writing activates the brain and stimulates cognitive development and has a positive impact on literacy.

There is a deeper level of learning when writing practice is done. It aids in better physical coordination, rhythm, stamina and posture, all of which are important for the holistic growth of children. As other skills, good writing is an asset for life.

Are you of the perception that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of their personality/ character?

Graphology is believed to be a study of a person’s character through the medium of handwriting, which is based on the style of writing, formations of letters, the alignment and space between words, lines and paragraphs. I believe it is true to a certain extent, for, the scrawl or neat writing does offer a glimpse into a personality.

Can you share with us why you felt is was important to publish the book?

Write Right Series Book 1 is innovative, as it aims to integrate cursive writing, vocabulary, interactive grammar, comprehension and paragraph writing. Commencing with the basic patterns, it moves on to strokes and shapes that form the precursor to small letters and capital letters. It introduces vowels, consonants, word blends, naming words, describing words, phrases and clauses.

The art of writing with ink pens are long forgotten. Can your share your thoughts on the entry of ball pens as well your memories of writing with ink pens, if any?

The pen fights of boys splashing blue ink on white shirts! The much coveted Pilot or Parker pens, cheap, leaky ink pens, the smudges on the note book, ink-splashed with teacher’s remarks ‘Redo’, ‘neat work’ bring back sweet memories. Ball pens were not permitted, it prevented good writing is what the teachers would say.

How are you ensuring that the book reaches school students?

I am planning to conduct handwriting workshops based on the book for interested groups of learners and in schools.

She can be reached at 98410 03201.

Naomi N