#MeToo: Nadigar Sangam forms complaints committee

Following the #MeToo campaign that brought out a lot of allegations on sexual harassment in the industry, the South Indian Artistes Association convened a special executive committee meeting on Monday evening and announced the formation of an Internal Complaints Committee to deal with sexual harassment.

In a statement, Nadigar Sangam president M. Nasser said that even though there were rules in the association that specified maintaining safe working spaces, a committee would be formed to ensure the safety and protection of all artists, which any member could approach with complaints regarding sexual harassment and misconduct by anyone in the industry. ‘

“The committee will have a majority of women including members of the NadigarSangam and will also have a mental health professional on board,” the statement said.

The Nadigar Sangam has also said that they recommend the formation of a high-level committee to the TFPC.

NT Bureau