Murugadoss agrees to give writer Varun credit for ‘Sarkar’

It is finally a happy ending for Vijay’s Sarkar. We are not talking about the climax of the film’s story, but the story of its story.

The plagiarism allegations raised against the writer and director of Sarkar, AR Murugadoss have found an amicable end as the petitioner Varun Rajendran, an aspiring filmmaker who claimed Sarkar‘s storyline was lifted from his script Sengol, has agreed to withdraw the case he had lodged against Murugadoss in the court. It is said that the makers have agreed to give credits to Varun in the movie.

Earlier, Varun filed a petition in Madras High Court. He had registered his script with the South Indian Film Writers Union in 2007 and so filed the petition, seeking remuneration of Rs 30 lakh from Murugadoss for his story.

He also asked for a writing credit on the film. Following this, Murugadoss slammed him with a strong reply calling his acts cheap tricks and foolish attempts for fame.

As time rolled on, both sides started to gain support. It was veteran director K Bhagyaraj, who heads the South Indian Film Writers Association, who openly revealed both the stories are same. Following this, Varun started to gain more attention.

However, it was also said, six members from the executive committee of the association disagreed the claims of Bhagyaraj.

In the meantime, director Perarasu who was one among the six and also directed two films Thiruppachi and Sivakasi with Vijay recently said in a movie’s audio launch event, ‘Nowadays directors should also be a qualified lawyer to tackle plagiarism cases’ and hinted on Sarkar story theft issue.

NT Bureau