Now add songs to FB stories to make it snazzy

Facebook has been keen on increasing the usage of ‘stories’ and has now introduced new music features for users. In its latest set of updates, this online platform has given its users the option of adding a song to photos and videos they share to Facebook stories.

‘We’re announcing new ways for people to express themselves and share their love of music on Facebook. We’re launching ‘music’ on Facebook stories, expanding ‘Lip Sync Live’, and soon will be making it possible to add songs to your profile,’ Facebook wrote on its news post. It has stated that it is bringing the feature to the news feed, too.

To add a song, users will have to take a photo or video from the Facebook camera or grab one from their gallery, then tap on the sticker icon and select the music sticker.

Once they find the song they want to add, users can pick the part to share and add the sticker with the artiste and song name. People can also move the sticker around and add other stickers and effects to customise their story.

Facebook said it was also rolling out ‘Lip Sync Live’, a feature Facebook introduced in June to let users lip sync songs, to all profiles in many countries around the world.

The social media giant said it will soon be launching the ability to add songs-what a person is currently listening to, or their all-time-favourites-to a new music section on their profile. Users can also pin a song to top of their profile to share with friends and help them learn more about you.

Songs added to a person’s profile will also visually showcase the artiste and track you choose. When someone plays a song on a person’s profile, they’ll hear a clip of the song and see an accompanying video featuring photos of the artistes and album art. They can then choose to add the song to their own profile or visit the artiste’s Facebook page.

Praveen Kumar S