Writer Padmini brings to light Lord Vishnu’s lesser known avatars

Author Padmini Janardhanan at the book release function in Chennai recently.

Chennai: The book ‘‘Less Known Avatars of Vishnu’,’ written by consulting educational psychologist Padmini Janardhanan, was recently launched at a collaborative book release function jointly organised by a popular book store in Adyar and India Poetry Circle.

People are familiar with the Dasavatharams of Lord Vishnu. But there are several more that one needs to know, says the Chennai-based author.

She adds that the book gives a child-friendly narration of 10 other less-spoken avatars of Lord Vishnu.


The book narrates:
* The Lord as a destroyer of evil where the Prithu and Hayagreeva avatars are mentioned;
* The Lord as a guru (teacher) of right living where the Hamsa, Dhanvantri, Rishaba, Kapila and Gautama Buddha avatars are described; and
* The Lord’’s avatars in response to a devotee’’s call where the stories of Lord Narayana for Gajendra, Lord Prsnigarbha for Dhruva and Lord Srinivasa for Yasodha are recounted.

“Tales influence achievers all over the world. The writer, Padmini Janardhanan, a consulting educational psychologist, has fluently told these stories with a simple flow of word pictures from the heart,”’ said M Keshav, a corporate learning facilitator, who released the book.

The book, published by Rhythm Book Distributors, is now available at Odyssey book store, Adyar.

NT Bureau