Chennai Corpn find ways to curb dengue disease

Chennai: With cases of dengue being reported in our city, fear among residents has risen.

Mosquito nuisance is common in Velacheri; however, Health officials assure that they are carrying out intense cleaning to curb the disease in the locality.

Even as officials are doing their job, residents, on their part, have been asked to keep their premises clean of any waterlogging.

Speaking to News Today, a Sanitary Officer informed, “There are no cases of dengue in Velacheri, but fever cases are being reported. So we are keeping track of the patients and also carrying out inspection at their houses.”

When asked what was being done to prevent dengue from spreading, he said, “Every morning, from 6 to 8.30 am, we go to houses where fever cases are being reported. 500 meters surrounding that area, our corporation workers carry out mass source reduction, that is, unused articles like coconut shells, tea cups, plastic wares, aluminum foils, etc., are removed from the specified area. These are the main sources for mosquito breeding.”

“In addition to this, we are doing fogging and spray work in the area. Every worker has been alloted a specified sector and each of them covers 80 houses,” he went on to say.

The officials’ team comprised 12 Corporation workers, five conservancy workers, one for fogging and one for spraying. Praising their dedication, he informed us that all of them have been working without leave for the past one month in Zone 13.

Speaking about the locations that are at risk, he said, “Velacheri has a number of vacant plots, and because of this, residents face mosquito nuisance.”

“If there is any area with water stagnation, we educate the house members about the disease. Apart from this, if water stagnation is found in any new construction sites, we will first give them notice, and after that, if they do not heed, we will impose fine.”

Recently, the Corporation also conducted a medical camp at Dhandeeswaram and distributed nilavembu kudineer; the event was attended by 150 residents.

Naomi N