Rajini praises Kamal Haasan to the skies

Rajinikanth fans were the happiest lot this Deepavali as after years, their hero gave an interview.
As part of promotions for his forthcoming film 2.0, Rajinikanth shared his thoughts on a TV channel.
Rajini said, “2.0 has the best screenplay. Shankar has done a wonderful job. Top technicians from across the globe have worked in the movie. It will become a blockbuster .”
He shared a lot about his personal life, especially his likes and dislikes.
To a question on Kamal Haasan, he said, “Kamal was already a big star when I entered the field, with a huge craze among the youth. He was a complete artiste, popular all over the south. I was stunned just being with him. Kamal is always Kamal. He’s up there.”