Review: Sarkar – Angry young man Vijay

After much hype comes Vijay’s Sarkar. A political thriller, it was in the news even before its release for alleged plagiarism by its director A R Murugadoss.
With all things sorted amicably, Sarkar saw its release Deepavali day. The first question that pops up in the minds of viewers is whether it lives up to the hype. The answer could be a partial ‘yes’ thanks only to Vijay’s screen presence.
The storyline is good but the script and execution are cliched and done to dust in the past. And with no big commercial elements except for some gravity defying stunts and punchlines, Sarkar ends up as curate’s s egg.
The movie revolves around the biggest IT company boss and NRI Sundar Eanasamy ( Vijay) who returns from America to cast his vote. He gets a shocker as someone has already cast his vote. Disgruntled, Sundar begins a legal battle to get his vote back. He incurs the wrath of the ruling party. A series of events forces him to enter politics to challenge corrupt politicians. What he does from here forms the rest of the script.
Vijay is bubbly and cool. He does a great job. His screen presence is the USP of the movie. As usual, he dances and fights well. But his character is one-dimensional as he is shown as always being angry.
There is nothing much for Keerthy or Yogi Babu to do. The trio of Pazha Karuppiah, Radha Ravi and Varalaxmi have chipped in with the best.
The biggest break in the movie are the songs. They hamper the pace of the story. A R Rahman’s signature style us badly missed.
Murugadoss has touched a good topic. But sadly messed up in the screenplay. It is a larger-than life, logic-defying entertainer.