Waiting for a script to act with Suriya: Jyothika 

A heroine’s career is a short-lived one. Especially after marriage, we have often seen many talented top-flight actresses relegated to supporting cast.
But, Jyothika is not any other heroine. She was a colossus during the 2000s. Marriage has only made her stronger and the roles she is portraying on-screen now are being welcomed with rave reviews by fans and critics alike.
Talking to News Today about her latest film Kaatrin Mozhi and her second innings in the film industry, Jyothika says, “Even I am shocked that I’m getting such good films at this age.”
Here are excerpts from the interview:
Q: How do you feel about your successful second innings in the industry?
A: After 36 Vayadhinilae, I did not sign any films for 1.5 years. Then, I got Magalir Mattum. But it was only after Naachiyaar that it really took off. Even I was shocked that I was getting so many good films. I didn’t expect it at this time and age. I have signed two films now. Both have me playing strong and unique characters. For a 40-year-old person, this is all very good. Let us see if I get the same thing next year, too.
Q: Tell us about Kaatrin Mozhi.
A: I play a housewife-turned-radio jockey. She is a hyper character who is always positive. The film’s script has blended comedy and emotions well. It has portrayed the husband-wife relationship beautifully and conveys that women have no problem balancing work and home. The film is a remake of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu, but it is very different from the original. The body language, character, dialogues and husband-wife relationship have been changed to suit the south.
Q: Are you going to do only women-centric films?
A: I only get such films. Even for this, you have to blame the men. There are very few women directors and only men write the stories nowadays. I can only listen to stories that I get and choose the scripts. But I think these type of stories that support women are needed for society today with all that is happening like rape and caste killings.
Q: So, are you ready to do Kushi part II or biopics?
A: Yes. Definitely. But, for Kushi, the story should not be similar to the first part. I would want a more mature and intelligent Jennifer. There is a difference between being 17 and 40 (age). And, I would still have to hear the story and then decide. As for biopics, I’ve not done any before. But a housewife’s  character is like a biopic. In the last 10 years, there have been very few films showing real-life housewife characters or real-life women. People miss these roles in movies. That is why, in the last three or four years, we see that 99 per cent of heroine-oriented films have enjoyed success.
Q: Why are men usually given a negative shade in your films? Are you angry with men?
A: Oh! I am angry (laughs). So many films have shown women as bad and different. Are women in your house like how they are shown in the movies? Women are being shown as jokers in films and often with no sensible dialogues. So, it is not wrong to show a few men bad in a few films occasionally.
Q: Who is Jyothika’s favourite actress today and why?
A: I like Nayanthara and I’m proud of her. I enjoyed watching Kolamaavu Kokila. She chooses her films wisely. I also loved Keerthi Suresh in Mahanati. It is not just the character, but the fact that she pulled it off at such a young age with such maturity. We can do it at my age, because we come with experience. But, for Keerthi Suresh to give this kind of performance at a young age, is very rare. Girls today are taking the effort to choose their scripts. So, Nayan and Keerthi are my favourite heroines.
Q: Does Suriya help you choose scripts?
A: He offers me full support in films, but I take the decision. Of course, we discuss it, be it either his film or mine. But, he doesn’t interfere in my films nor do I in his. His favourite film in which I’ve acted in is 36 Vayadhinilae. As for a film together, it’s surprising that no one has approached us as of now. We are, in fact, waiting for it. Maybe, filmmakers don’t like real-life love couples.

A Harsha Vardhan