Actress Poorna plays a cop in the film ‘Blue Whale’

Actress Poorna will play a tough police officer in debutant director T Ranganathan’s social thriller Blue Whale.

Talking about the film, the director says, “Blue Whale revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young boy after he starts playing a dangerous online game without the knowledge of his parents.”

Ranganathan also adds that Blue Whale will underline the irony behind the recent propensity of parents to get caught in a mechanical rat-race in a bid to secure their children’s futures, only to end up ignoring them.

The film stars Kabish Khanna, Birla Bose and Divya. Poorna plays the ACP who investigates the trail of clues left behind by the boy. Ranganathan says that he zeroed in on Poorna after being impressed with her performance as a cop in Malayalam film Oru Kuttanadhan Blog. Blue Whale, produced by D Mathu, is expected to get a release early next year.